Downloading WonderCMS 2.5.2

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ZIP SHA256: 692e87a8abbc8856cb95f660a6278f7ab6ccd955c1fbf05041a71197b538fc57

1 step install

  • Unzip and upload files anywhere on your website/server.

5 safety tips

  1. Change the default password and default login URL immediately. Login URL automatically disappears from footer.
  2. Install themes and plugins only from this website.
  3. Regularly update WonderCMS and always create backups.
  4. WonderCMS supports running JavaScript anywhere. Be careful not to paste random/malicious JavaScript code.
  5. WonderCMS supports uploading SVG's which could also contain JavaScript code. Don't get tricked into uploading malicious SVG's. If in doubt, avoid uploading any SVG file extension.



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