minimum requirements to run WonderCMS

  • PHP version 7.2 or greater
    • cURL extension
    • mbstring extension
    • Zip extension
  • mod_rewrite module enabled

Other types of servers (NGINX or IIS):

One step configuration files:

WonderCMS works on most Apache hosting packages by default. It also works on various free hosts. WonderCMS 2.7.0 and prior will also work with lower PHP versions (5.5+), but it's highly advised against using unsupported PHP versions.

If you're running WonderCMS locally, install a certificate to avoid the persistent "Update" message error .

1-step install

Simply unzip and upload 5 files anywhere on your server.

WonderCMS is a flat file CMS - meaning there's no relational database like MySQL, which makes it really easy to setup and maintain.

12+ years

Completely free and open source since 2008.

Oriented towards privacy, it ships without ads, tracking or any "powered by" links.

Extremely small & lightweight

Aimed to be one of the smallest and lightest Content Management Systems.

Packed with features

1-click updates and backups, theme /plugin installer, responsive, user friendly, in place editing, SEO, ...

Feature list

Made with love

Meet our awesome team:
Masha Pogorevc, Robert Isoski & Slaven Stančič
Actively developing WonderCMS with love, for free.

Either you're creating a simple website or a blog, WonderCMS is carefully crafted to bring you a simple and minimalistic user experience.
Over 40 contributors who share the same passion worked on improving WonderCMS to used by thousands of people around the world.

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