What's new in version 2.0.0

  1. This is the first non-beta release in 8 full years.
  2. Major code clean up.
  3. New default theme.
  4. Improved settings panel.
  5. We now update the default theme (default theme.php, style.css) and .htaccess, we used to update only index.php.
  6. database.js versioning, which makes it really easy to define what user gets what update.
  7. "Powered by WonderCMS" link removed from footer. Wohoo freedom.
  8. Developer friendlier.
  9. Plugins are easier to develop.

Important theme.php changes - 8 tags need changing

If you're not using the default theme, you will have to update 8 tags in your theme.php as described here.

Important plugin changes

The following plugins need to be updated:

The following plugins are unavailable until developers update their plugins:

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