Great work - go on

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Great work - go on

Post by ThomasL »

I have to join the many who have appreciated your work before me.
Your small CMS seams so simple and still not ready - but you're workin on a great idea. There are a lot of CMS which has loose there vision. They implement function and functions, plugins and themes and so on. They destroy the user experience step by step, version by version.

So please, stay simple and your CMS would be great! There are a lot of great ideas in this boad and be sure - i have a lot to in my mind too
With a little bit time i will spread all them separately.

But for the moment my support will be a donation. Be sure i love your small piece of software. And I use them only for 10 minutes.

Go on guys, really great work!
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Re: Great work - go on

Post by wiz »

Hello Thomas!

Thank you for taking the time and writing a review/heads up post. We've strive towards keeping it simple, and not making it bigger and bloated with each version.
There's an upcoming template and plugins section, but it's going to be optional for users.

You can share your ideas in the development section.

Thank you for your support.
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