Hits counter 1.0.0

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Hits counter 1.0.0

Post by wiz » Fri Dec 09, 2016 4:18 pm

Hits counter 1.0.0 - developed by Yassine Addi.

• Hits are visible only to the admin.
• Admin hits don't count.
• Hits counter shows cumulative count and not hits per page.

Hits counter demo - once you are logged invisible in the bottom right corner.

Setup and download
1. Download and unzip the ZIP file attached below.
2. Place the "hits-counter" folder and the .htaccess document into your WonderCMS plugins folder.
3. Your page hits will be visible in your bottom right corner (next to your logout link) once you're logged in.

This project on GitHub: WonderCMS plugins repository.
WonderCMS simple hits counter. Simply place the unzipped hits-counter folder into your plugins folder.
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