Future development, upload images and Markdown?

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Future development, upload images and Markdown?

Post by o-l-e »

Hi, this cms is the most fun ever with its tiny size.

I do have a few questions that i hope you can answer:

1. Will there be any further development with WonderCMS? The last post from the author was a while ago.

2. Will it be possible to upload images or files in the near future?

3. Would an idea for the text editor to use Markdown for content editing/styling?
The cool thing about markdown(or similar languages) is that it is so simple to use, and can be used on touch devices.
Check it out here: http://daringfireball.net/projects/markdown/

Hope to hear from you!
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Re: Future development, upload images and Markdown?

Post by wiz »

Hello o-l-e!

Yes - WonderCMS is and will be further developed in the future. I always post on these forums when someone needs support and/or needs answers to specific questions.

There will be an option to install a WYSIWYG editor (it won't come with WonderCMS, but you'll have to upload it into your future "plugins" folder).
And yes, it will also be possible to have an uploader (same as above, standalone plugin).

Markdown looks pretty interesting, but whatever WYSIWYG editor we choose - it will definitely be light as Markdown or lighter.

As there are very little developers (and I think all of us are employed?), we can only develop WonderCMS in our free time.

Thanks for you input and dropping by!

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