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Menu item as link

Post by grimblefritz »

Is there a way to make a menu item that is a direct link?

For example, if I create a menu item "Search", can I have that be a link directly to

If not, I'd like to make that a request. Please.
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Re: Menu item as link

Post by nox »

Hey grimblefritz,

I know this is a really late reply and you probably found a solution.
Here is an example of custom menu link, inside Sky theme.php:

Code: Select all

<ul class="menu">
	<!-- Menu -->
	<?= $Wcms->menu() ?>
	<li class="nav-item"><a href="">Custom Link</a></li>
After <?= $Wcms->menu() ?> add your link as list item (li) and same class that is used on menu items (nav-item).
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