[SOLVED] Solving comma (,), duplicated in blog plugin

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[SOLVED] Solving comma (,), duplicated in blog plugin

Post by alcir »

Hello everyone, I'm a WonderCMS user and I'm from Brazil, so any errors here are because I'm using a translation tool.

All articles created with the blog plugin were displayed with ,,,,, in their description. Therefore, making the description confusing. Even when they were indexed on google.

I managed to solve the problem in the plugin and I would like to share it with you, because I think the project is excellent. So let's go to the steps.

Open the simple-blog folder and open the class.SimpleBlog.php file to edit, go to line 263 of the code and change
(' ', ', ',
That is, we should just remove the spaces.

Doing this will not show (,,,,,) in your description.
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Re: Solving comma (,), duplicated in blog plugin

Post by wiz »

This is solved with the upcoming version 3.4.2, coming within the next day or two. :)
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