[SOLVED] Summernote Editor drop down menu not showing

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[SOLVED] Summernote Editor drop down menu not showing

Post by Willhelm »

Yesterday I updated WCMS and plugins to last versions, and since this moment Summernote Editor not working properly.
Drop down menu not showing, hence I can not use align left/center/right, table and other functions dependent on dropdown function of Summernote Editor.

First I thought this is issue of my Firefox, so I tried latest Opera and Chrome - but there is same behavior as in FF.
Second I tried to uninstall Summernote Editor Plugin and install it again after clearing browser data cache. No change.
Third I tried to uninstall Summernote Editor and try install Summernote Air. Same problem as I have with SE.
Fourth I visited Summernote Editor home page https://summernote.org/ and tested it there - it work without problems in my all browsers.

I´m using Default WonderCMS theme (2018-2020), and apart of Summertime Editor also plugins: Simple Statistics, Additional Contents and Hits Counter.

Thanks in advance for any hint or help which can lead to resolving this problem.

Edit 23.6.2022: Yesterday I tried to switch theme from Default to Essence. Under Essence Summernote Editor working as should. So for now I have workaround - for administration purposes I´m switching WCMS to Essence theme, after I´m done with editing, I switch back to Default theme.

My skills are not high enough to compare Default and Essence theme to figure out why Summernote Editor working under Essence and not under Default, so if somebody with right skills can update/repair default theme, I would be grateful.
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Re: Summernote Editor drop down menu not showing

Post by OneManLaptop »

Thanks for the detailed report Willhelm! Plenty there to help Wiz check what's going on.
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Re: Summernote Editor drop down menu not showing

Post by wiz »

Hi Willhelm!

The theme has been fixed, an update should be available in your WonderCMS dashboard within the next 24 hours.
Thank you for reporting the issue and improving the experience for other users using this little theme. Also appreciate you OneManLaptop greatly!
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