[SOLVED] Minor Documentation Issue

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[SOLVED] Minor Documentation Issue

Post by NorfolkGreg »

https://www.wondercms.com/about says:
WonderCMS will support a maximum of 25 themes and 25 plugins.
More recently I have discovered that https://github.com/robiso/wondercms#wha ... -wondercms says:
To make WonderCMS sustainable and compact, a maximum number of 20 plugins and 50 themes will be supported.
Now I understand why I couldn't find the poll when I posted in viewtopic.php?p=5689#p5689
it says that there will never be more than 25 themes available but currently there are (I think) 27 and I can't find the promised voting system to limit it to 25!
It would be good if the "About" page could be updated.
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Re: Minor Documentation Issue

Post by wiz »

Hey Greg, we've fixed the about page. :) Thank you!
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