Upload picture seems locked

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Upload picture seems locked

Post by uberwald »

Hi all,

I setup a basic website with WonderCMS yesterday, and i am facing an issue right now : when i want to upload a picture n the "main title", and the widget is "locked"
I am using Summer-note editor, it might be the issue, i do not know.

Any hint/idea ?
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Re: Upload picture seems locked

Post by OneManLaptop »

Hey uberwald, how do you mean, "the widget is locked?". Could you share any screen grabs so we can better understand the error message you're getting.
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Re: Upload picture seems locked

Post by wiz »

OneManLaptop thank you for helping out with on point questions. :)

uberwald, it seems the "Main title" you are referncing to is the "Website title" in Settings -> Menu. Are you sure you have Summernote enabled there? It should be disabled for the admin panel (unless I am misinterperting your question).
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