[SOLVED] Custom Theme issue GIT

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[SOLVED] Custom Theme issue GIT

Post by DeFenestrated »

I am also having the same error message as posted in this thread:

The error message is Repository not added - missing version file.

In reference to the previous thread, there is no MASTER naming convention, just MAIN.

I BELIEVE I have the required files. (I looked at the contents of active themes to base assemble my own.
My link is: https://github.com/DellaFinestra/defenestrated.git

Any advice is welcomed.
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Re: Custom Theme issue GIT

Post by wiz »

Hi @DeFenstrated, welcome to the community!

I've tested this with the following URL: https://github.com/DellaFinestra/defenestrated and it worked as expected.
- The above URL is the one you should be entering in the custom theme repository. I suspect you've been using .git instead of the above URL.
- If you're using WonderCMS 3.4.1, the above should work.
Can you please re-try and verify this?

If it still doesn't work - please provide the PHP version and server type for further debugging. I think the above will work as expected.

Let us know and we'll try to help you out!
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