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Search bar

Post by BrightStar »

Amazing little CMS, good work guys.

Couple of questions,

Is there a search bar functionality somewhere that I have missed?

Is there a way to make blog categories?

also sitemap? I guess I can create that manually quite easily and but just wondering. :D

Love the lightweight nature of this blog....wonderful.

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Re: Search bar

Post by StephanStanisic »

Hi BrightStar,

I've made the blog plugin and it currently is very minimal. It only supports showing all blog posts in a list, and having pages for each blog post.

First thing on the todo list for the blog plugin is to make the way pages are handled nicer, for this there are a few issues open on WonderCMS. I am going to work on these next week.

When this is done, your search feature could really be a great addition to the plugin.

If you could create a issue on github describing what you'd want, and maybe even screenshots of similar functionality that would be great.
You can create an issue here:

Thank you for using and providing feedback!
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