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Insertion area

Post by turboblack »

Hey. My request is quite simple, but still, I can not implement it.
I need to add comments on the site under the post, and the php code in the editing area does not work. I remember in version 0.6 there was an opportunity, and I actively used it, and in new versions there is a possibility of inserting only content. The question is how do I make an area that will be visible on all pages, while opening a third-party php code

It is necessary that this code worked as a sidebar, only under the contents of each page

thank you in advance my Russian-language research WonderCMS engine 8-) & also in Ukrainian
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Re: Insertion area

Post by wiz »

I don't think you will be able to execute any PHP inside those editable areas.
Can you insert your code in theme.php instead of the editable areas?
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