MediumEditor 1.0.0

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MediumEditor 1.0.0

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MediumEditor - developed to work for WonderCMS by Yassine Addi.

• Adds an inline WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor to your content editable fields. Visible when you highlight text.

Setup and download
1. Download and unzip the ZIP file attached below.
2. Place the "mediumeditor" folder into your WonderCMS plugins folder.
3. The editor will be visible on all content editable fields by HIGHLIGHTING the text. As always, you simply click out of the editable field to save your content.

WonderCMS MediumEditor demo - login and highlight text to style it.

This project on GitHub: WonderCMS plugins repository.
WonderCMS MediumEditor editor. Simply place the unzipped mediumeditor folder into your plugins folder.
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