This is one of the few times I've ever WANTED to donate...

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This is one of the few times I've ever WANTED to donate...

Post by jetshack »

I'm feeling a bit like a forum whore with all the posting in the last two days but...

I just completed a donation to the project. I rarely ever donate to projects. Usually when I do it's out of a feeling of guilt. Not this time.

I was excited to do it.

After just a few hours of tinkering I was able to make WonderCMS do everything I needed and nothing that I didn't. Both halves of that statement are equally important because I plan on using this software with roughly 100 ninth graders every semester. It had to be easy enough to explain in a 15 minute lecture (video will be posted online at some point) (I put my lectures on online and make them homework and then take what's usually homework and make it classwork). It had to be easy enough for 14 year olds to grasp. It also had to function such that 14 year olds couldn't screw it up. It had to have a tiny server load as I'm on a shared host. It had to have the ability for students to make pages. Those were all of my requirements. Anything other than that wasn't necessary and if something extra affected what was required that was reason enough for me to find something else.

WonderCMS fits the bill wonderfully. The great thing (from my viewpoint) is that it only does the things that I need.

As it stands right now, there's only one more thing I'd like to see. A simple wysiwyg editor. I think I can figure out how to work that in. If I can't I'm sure I can find someone on fiverr to do it for next to nothing.

Thank you so much for a great product.
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Re: This is one of the few times I've ever WANTED to donate.

Post by wiz »

Hello Jonathan! What an inspiring post.

First of all, please don't feel like "forum whore" as you're very welcome to post as much as you find it necessary.
I'm incredibly satisfied by the fact you can make WonderCMS fit all of your needs. You've contributed greatly in the past few days.

I'm also glad you've chosen WonderCMS for your project and that you're ready (and already) dedicating your time to making it better (both with developing it and great effective ideas).
I'd like to invite you to our development team (right now, there's only three of us, and we try to work on it whenever we have the time. I haven't done anything big lately, mostly because I've been lacking time since I graduated and got a job).

Integrating a WYSIWYG editor was also a part of a future plan and I can't tell you how excited I am you're making a step further for the whole project.
There's only one thing to keep in mind, we're trying to keep this WonderCMS the smallest in the world.

We're still developing the idea of plugins, a simple file that could read specific functions from the CMS files and make plugins work. This way the CMS would stay small, any anyone with a wish to have plugins could just download them and put them in a plugin folder.

Thank you for your donation!
Can you post or PM me your website, I've already set your rank to Premium, will add your name to the donors list once I get your website.

Once again, thank you for your donation and contribution to this project.
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