Formatting / css / tables / extra <br>

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Formatting / css / tables / extra <br>

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It looks like the formatting needs a bit of fine-tuning,
maybe the css in the default-theme, or the edit/richtext-routines.

For example, I made a testpage with a simple table.

1) the vertical spacing between the headers H1 and H2 is a bit much (and/or it inserts unwanted <br>).
2) there is a lot of empty lines before the table.
As a workaround, to avoid the blank lines, just delete all the linebreaks.

But that makes the html-code very much unreadable and hard to maintain :(
so I don't consider that workaround an acceptable solution.

BTW, <br /> are also added to lists, resulting in an extra empty line
after each list-item.

Edit: this bug has already been reported back at v0.4.1
There was a proposed fix, but I'm not sure what has happened to it.
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