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new error

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Good day.

I have a problem:

when I insert a widget, social buttons, or any other child - in the admin menu is modified structure of the menu:


Code: Select all

Главная %Главная<br />
Пример %Заголовок страницы<br />
Страница %пример<br />

Code: Select all

<hc class="hc_select_index" id="hc_select_index9"></hc>Главная %Главная<hc class="hc_select_index" id="hc_select_index10"></hc><br />
Пример %Заголовок страницы<hc class="hc_select_index" id="hc_select_index11"></hc><br />
Страница %пример<hc class="hc_select_index" id="hc_select_index12"></hc><br />
how to fix it?

is this affects the performance of the site?

in one of experements with widget discus I broke down the menu buttons in the header and looked quite unworkable

I think that it is one and the same problem, correct me if I'm wrong Get ready to hamsterization! 8-) code takes less than a kilobyte! shock! new version for PHP 8 with new templates
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