Is a DBaaS provider worthwhile?

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Is a DBaaS provider worthwhile?

Post by CMSkeyHugene »


For an application I need a database. I decided to use Elasticsearch as full text search database.
I would like to outsource this to a cloud in order to save myself the purchase of hardware and therefore costs. I would like to use Microsoft Azure for this.
When I started to work on this, I read that there are so-called DBaaS providers (Database as a Service), which take over the administration and monitoring of databases in clouds, such as.
Has anyone ever worked with them? Is it worthwhile? Do they also create backups so that the data can be restored in an emergency?

Would be great if someone could report to me!
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Re: Is a DBaaS provider worthwhile?

Post by wiz »

Hi Hugene!

1. Currently, we don't have any plugins that would enable searching through the database.js text file. This might be the first issue you run into. The second issue would be searching the "blog" plugin, which has a separate database text file.
2. I haven't had any experience on DBaaS, not sure how that work with a flat file databse - I think some research might be needed here.

All in all, I'm not sure if it would be worth wile, since WonderCMS is extremely tiny and doesn't need a MySQL database. Automatic plugins backup is in our roadmap, so this would partially solve your issue.

What are your concerns and what are you looking to do?
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