WonderCMS 3.0.0

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WonderCMS 3.0.0

Post by StephanStanisic »

Hey all,

How would I go and use the new WonderCMS 3.0.0 addListener?

Is the following according to spec?

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global $Wcms;

function addcss($args) {

    $args[0] .= "Nice!";
    return $args;

$Wcms->addListener('css', 'addcss');
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Re: WonderCMS 3.0.0

Post by wiz »

On quick glance seems ok.

We've already ported most of the 2.7.0 plugins to 3.0.0 here:
https://github.com/robiso/wondercms-plu ... .0-plugins (if you need something to compare with).
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